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Hyundai i20N £25k Hot Hatch Review: 0-60mph, Ride, Handling & Performance Test | Top Gear

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The Hyundai i20N has a tricky job in life: it’s the follow-up to Hyundai’s terrific first hot hatch (the family-sized i30N) and it’s got to head into battle against the might of the spectacularly fun Ford Fiesta ST. And even the likes of Renault, Peugeot and Volkswagen have given up trying to knock the king of the small hot hatchbacks off its throne. Hyundai’s trusting that a touchscreen bursting with tech, enough modes and set-up nerdery to last a lifetime and some very zig-zaggy styling will do the job, so now it’s over to Top Gear Magazine's Serious Car Tester, Ollie Kew, to give the i20N a very close inspection.

0:00-0:34 Intro
0:35-1:02 What is it?
1:03-1:24 Exterior
1:25-1:49 Engine
1:50-2:17 Tech
2:18-2:48 N Mode/N Menu
2:49-3:08 Interior
3:09-4:45 Acceleration
4:46-5:04 Handbrake
5:05-6:20 Motorway test
6:21-7:07 Comfort
7:12-8:48 Handling
8:49-10:46 Verdict

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