New BMW 8 Series Convertible! Is it Better Without a Roof?

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Let's take a first look and walkaround of the brand new BMW 8 Series Convertible! The car in question is the flagship M850i xDrive, with 530hp from the 4.4l V8, and we can see the roof mechanism in action and available storage space offered by the newest soft-top grand tourer.

Available immediately as both the M850i and 840d models, the convertible version of the new BMW 8 Series has a folding soft top that can be operated remotely from the key. Presented during a privately studio unveiling for media, the new car will be introduced in 2019 but here we can take a first look to take in the similarities and differences with the Coupe version of the 8 Series that arrived earlier this year.

Thanks for watching, Tim



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